Your next car could be a cargo bike – the climate friendly alternative.

Half of the total number of car trips, is shorter than 5 km. In urban communities around 80 percent of the car trips are shorter than 3-4 km. Where a normal bike or a bus might not be a convenient alternative, an electric cargo bike could very well to the job.

This film is produced 2019 for CoBiUM, an EU South Baltic Programme funded project.

Film idea, concept and storyboard: Marengdeluxe – Instruction: Jorge Orellana – Produktion: Bästa Kompisar



Your next car could be a cargo bike – the climate friendly alternative.

CoBiUM is an EU financed program focused on promoting electric cargo bikes as an alternative to fossil fuelled transports. The aim is to reduce car-traffic and parking pressure in urban areas – relieving roads, making them safer and creating new space, reduce air pollution and noise emissions and as a consequence improve the quality of living in the cities. At a higher level the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is a strategic objective of this project.

The cities participating in the program is:

Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden
City of Växjö, Sweden

Municipality of Slagelse
Municipality of Guldborgssund
Danish Cycling Tourism, Denmark

University of Greifswald, Germany

City of Slupsk, Poland
City of Gdynia, Poland


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Client: Energikontor Sydost

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