CoBiUM / – your next car could be a cargo bike – the climate friendly alternative

CoBiUM is an EU financed program focused on promoting electric cargo bikes as an alternative to fossil fuelled transports. The aim is to reduce car-traffic and parking pressure in urban areas – relieving roads, making them safer and creating new space, reduce air pollution and noise emissions and as a consequence improve the quality of living in the cities. At a higher level the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is a strategic objective of this project. 

The cities participating in the program is Växjö, Sweden – Slagelse & Guldborgssund, Denmark – Greifswald, Germany – Slupsk & Gdynia, Poland.


CoBiUM / – the cargo bike – not a replacement – but alternative to your car

Film produced for CoBiUM to inspire and inform about all the possibilities a cargo bike offers

Conclusion / – the results of the project

This film is produced 2021 for CoBiUM and is a summary of the project from the people involved, both in Slagelse & Guldborgsund, Denmark.
In Guldborgsund the cargo bikes were used by a kindergarden:

Conclusion / – the results of the project

In Slagelse the cargo bikes were used by a housing association:

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